Tasks Management

A perfect application for developers, leads and business teams. It integrates all these profiles and allow a better organization for your work flow.
As lead or business profile, you'll be able to see task statuses for all developers at a time, but for a specific one too. Beside this, we provide some quick stats of tasks and time spent.

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Tasks Management

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Tasks Management
Tasks Management
  •  create several tasks
  •  user task assignment
  •  priority setup
  •  status setup
  •  order tasks by your desired criteria
  •  see tasks for all or one developer at a time
  •  developer can ask lead member for more details if need it
  •  lead member can ask business team for more details if need it
  •  enforce developer to add ETA, start and end date for task when ready
  •  comments in tasks listing and edit mode
Tasks Management
Tasks Management
  •  visual graphics for completed taks and time spent over tasks for each user in a certain period of time
  •  current tasks in progress for each developer, % of task completition, ETA
  •  display of completed tasks per each user
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